age groups

Age Groups: Senior (Sr.) - 19 years & up
Intermediate (Int.) - 13 years - 18 years
Junior (Jr.) - 12 years & under

event list

Calf Roping: Jr. Boys (a.m.), Jr. Girls (a.m.), Int. Boys (a.m.), Int. Girls (a.m.), Sr. Womens (a.m.), Sr. Mens (p.m.)
Wild Cow Milking (p.m.): Open Event
Chuck Wagon Race (a.m.): Open Event
Pony Express Race (a.m.): Open Event
Pole Bending (a.m.): Sr. (men and women), Int. (boys and girls), Jr. (boys and girls)
Flag Race (a.m.): Jr. Boys, Jr. Girls
Bareback Bronc Riding (p.m.): Open Event
Wild Horse Race (p.m.): Open Event
Barrel Race: Jr. (boys and girls, a.m.), Int. (boys and girls, a.m.), Sr. Mens (a.m.), Sr. Womens (p.m.)
Dally Team Roping (p.m.): Jr.-Int. (boys and girls), Sr. (men and women
Queen Contest: (Int.-Sr. Women)